Moving Homes, Raising Barns, Straightening Churches... Our Customers Say "We Make It Look Easy"

While we may make it look that way, structural moving is definitely not easy. Fortunately our 40+ years of experience provides us with a solid foundation to successfully tackle every job we take on.

Structural Moving

Churches, heavy equipment, machinery, grain bins... at Marcus Building Movers we do far more than move just houses and sheds. We can and do move anything. We are considered a structural mover, and pride ourselves on our abilities and willingness to relocate even the most irregular of structures and oversized buildings.

As a professional structural mover, we retain some of the most experienced and skillful personnel in the industry. We utilize and maintain industry recognized equipment. We abide by all safety and moving regulations, making sure to move your structure within scheduled time allotments. And, not only are we able to move your structure to its new location with minimal to no structural damage, we also assist with acquiring the proper permits and coordinate with necessary state / local departments (utilities, law enforcement, etc.).

Going beyond all of that, at Marcus Building Movers we have a history of being resourceful in every aspect of our work. Even developing and fabricating our own specialized equipment to make our job easier and more efficient; saving us time and saving you money.

Our Structural Moving Abilities

Moving a Large Grain Bin | Moving Agricultrual Structures Agricultural Structures

Agricultural Structures
At Marcus Building Movers we are veterans at safely moving pole buildings, barns, livestock buildings, grain bins, corn cribs, elevators, and more. Whether you need it moved to make way for a larger, more effective structure or simply need it relocated because it's now hindering the maneuverability of your yard, we can help.

Old Church Building | Moving Historic Structures Historical Structures

Historical Structures
When it comes to moving any structure, attention to detail is key. This is especially true when it comes to relocating historic buildings, in which preserving as much of the original architectural integrity as possible is the goal. At Marcus Building Movers we have been successfully saving and delicately moving historic structures - homes, churches, motels - since we started in 1975.

Large Farm House | Moving Residential Structures Residential Structures

Residential Structures
As a third generation structural moving contractor, we know a thing or two about moving residential buildings. From single story to multi-level homes, from lake cabins to garages, when you opt to partner with our team at Marcus Building Movers, you can be assured that your newest investment will be well taken care of.

Two Story Motel Building | Moving Commercial Structures Commercial Structures

Commercial Structures
Often some of the largest structures we move, our commercial services include relocating office buildings, hotels / motels, airport hangers, and oversized steel buildings. To keep up with these massive moves, we continually update our equipment, maintain appropriately sized insurance plans, and ensure that proper safety protocols are always enforced.

Oversized Garbage Trammel | Moving Heavy Equipment / Machinery Heavy Equipment / Machinery

Heavy Equipment / Machinery
Already having all the equipment necessary to effectively relocate massive structures, adapting our skills to safely move oversized machinery and odd shaped equipment is something we welcome. Today, we have the flexibility to move just about anything, including steel presses, lathes, commercial-sized air conditioning units, electrical transformers, garbage trammels, fuel tanks, train cars, bridges, and more.

Structural Straightening / Leveling
Undoing the affects of Mother Nature and Father Time

It is not secret that buildings - homes, sheds, barns - ‘settle’ into their environments over time. The term settling refers to the natural changes that take place with any structure due to time and weather. The floors’ creaking sounds, and thin cracks in the foundation or drywall are all signs of common structural settling. But, when your floors are slanted, the building is visibly leaning, or the roof is clearly sagging, things have gone beyond settling and moved into true structural problems.

That’s where we come in. At Marcus Building Movers we can push, pull, lift and utilize hydraulic jacks to get your building or structure back into its correct formation. Contact us today to get your building started on the right track to being once again level or straight. If it’s still standing, there’s a good chance we can fix it.

Vintage Barn Raised | Structural Straightening / Leveling

Structural Foundation / Lifting Services

Professional foundation services are vital for older homes with crumbling basement foundations and for homeowners looking to create a functional basement where only a minimal crawl space exists. When you’re attempting to save historic structures or expand upon original buildings, you need a structural contractor who is familiar with the ins-and-outs of successfully lifting and lowering buildings. At Marcus Building Movers we have that experience.

Not only can we safely lift the structure, allowing for repairs or for a new foundation to be put in place, we can also dig out the old foundation - completing the removal and haul-away services. When all is said and done, you’ll be left with a structurally sound building, potentially added square footage, and increased property value. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an estimate.

Structural Foundation / Lifting | House Raised in the air for new foundation installation